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Pacifica - SOLO meet

Posted by Buffy Patterson at Dec 10, 2018 1:18PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The latest meet, and last meet of the Fall session, took us to beautiful Pacifica. A great indoor deep, pool that is great for racing. It was an interesting arrangement as it was a split session meet. Great for the swimmers.
Saturday AM Ellie, Audrey, and Aidan swam. We started a little slow in the morning, missing a swim and a little off on time, but ended strong. Audrey got a best time in her 200 IM, Aidan got best times in 100 Fly & 100 Free taking off a ton of time. Ellie tried the 100 Fly and 200 IM for the first time and rocked it! Saturday PM was just Zoe. But being the only swimmer didn’t stop her. She charged hard and got best times in her 50 Back, 100 Free, and 100 IM.
Sunday AM was Ella, Aidan, and Ellie. Ella’s first meet of the season and proved she hasn’t lost much, pretty much being right on her times. Aidan tried the 500 for the first time and stayed very strong. And Ellie got to try the 100 back. All great swimming. Sunday PM was the busy session with Zoe, Cece, Jackson, Massimo, and Francesca. Francesca tried the 50 back for the first time and made it look easy and took almost 3 second off her 25 free!!! Massimo was a little off, but showed some great focus and heart. Jackson stole the show with a very strong 100 IM with 2 seconds off and with even almost missing a wall 10 seconds off his 200 Free. Cece got a best time in her 50 Free and took 2 second off her 50 Fly. And Zoe showed up again and had a great 100 back with a best time.

Winter Junior Olympics

Posted by Buffy Patterson at Dec 3, 2018 1:07PM PST ( 0 Comments )

A long weekend of some great swimming. We started off on Friday night with the 500 Free. Both Cece & Estelle qualified and swam the 500. Estelle stayed strong and swam well, but came up short of her best time. But still a very good 5:38.97. Cece also stayed strong and got her best time which earned her a new team record and 3rd over all with a 6:07.69.
Saturday came the rains and the 100 Free for Estelle. She came in just short of her time again with a 59.44. But still a good swim. I definitely believe being out of the water with the smoke had an effect. Cece had a full day of 100 Free, 50 Back, and 100 IM. She managed a few best times again, a great 1:02.89 in the 100 Free (and a new team record), 34.37 in 50 Back, & 1:16.10 in 100 IM. Her times in the 100 Free & 50 Back landed her in the finals that took place in the afternoon. The rain cleared up for us for the afternoon finals and Cece came out with a 5th place in the 100 Free and 8th place in the 50 Back.
Sunday was colder, but dry and just Cece. Another full morning of 200 Free, 100 Back, and 100 Breast. As it was already a long weekend of swimming, the morning was a little off on times, but the race plan and strokes were there. And even though I don’t think she wanted to, earned a spot in the finals for her 200 Free. After the few hours rest, Cece pulled it together and swam her race of the weekend (in her coaches eyes) taking 3 seconds off, earning another team record, and taking 3rd place with a 2:16.54!


Posted by Pacific Coast Marlins Swim Team at Nov 19, 2018 12:16PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Oh, it was so nice to go to the coast and not only get some fresh air, but to be back on the pool deck! I think all the swimmers were happy to be back in the pool as well! Being out of the water showed a little in the meet this weekend. We were actually the only swim meet in Pacific Swimming that was actually able to be held this weekend!
We had a total of 9 happy swimmers this weekend. 7 swimmers on Saturday & 8 swimmers on Sunday. With a very fun team dinner in between! It is great to hang out with the swimmers outside the pool! The 9 swimmers swam in a total of 47 events and 3 relays! Out of the 47 events, we did have 25 best times or 53% best times. 3 swimmers, Ellie, Aidan, and Francesca all went out and tried new events. Not only was this Francesca’s first away meet, but she also tried the 50 free! Ellie competed in both the 200 back & breast. Coming from a background of only 50’s…that is a feat! Aidan tried the 200 back. We even have two new team records! Sophia broke the 17-18 female 100 Back with a time of 1:09.07 and the 17-18 female 200 IM with a time of 2:29.93! Congratulations Sophia!!!!
Everyone had some big drops this weekend…….Zoe dropped 6 seconds in her 200 free, 16 seconds in her 100 breast, and ½ second in her 50 free! Audrey dropped 5 seconds in her 200 back. Aidan dropped 4 seconds in his 200 free, 7 seconds in his 200 IM and had 5 best times. Ellie dropped a second in her 100 free and had 4 best times. Estelle took ½ second off her 100 Fly. Sophia got all best times except for 100 free, but they were all big drops. 3 almost 4 seconds in her 200 free, 7 seconds in her 200 IM (and the team record), 4 seconds in her 100 back (and the team record), 2 seconds in 100 Fly, and ½ second in her 50 Free. Francesca had 5 seconds in her 25 back and had two best times (all her events!). Massimo had ½ second in his 100 free & breast, 1 ½ in his 50 Back, and 25 seconds in his 200 IM!!!! And Hudson took 22 seconds off his 100 Fly.
It was a fun weekend! Great job Marlins!

Spooky Plunge!

Posted by Pacific Coast Marlins Swim Team at Oct 29, 2018 1:20PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Another Spooky Plunge!
We lucked out with great weather & great swimming! The Marlins ended up with 40 swimmers! Out of the 40, we had 4 new swimmers to our swim meets! Great job Kryastof, Kamryn, Ethan, and Dakota! It was fun to see you swim for the first time! We also had 11 swimmers try new events! Mostly longer distances! Great Job Victoria, Kai, Mia, Dashiell, Thomas, Kate, Allison, Graham, Natalia, Elijah, and Sophie for trying out a new event!! The team as a whole, swam in 115 events, not including the relays! Of the 115, there were 71 best times. 62% best times for the team. I’ll take that percentage any day! 18 swimmers got all best times! Great job Marlins!
If you want to get into more meets, Fort Bragg is still open until November 7th. You need to sign up on Swim connection here. This meet is always a lot of fun. We stay up in a hotel and have a team dinner on Saturday night.


This past weekend, the Marlins had 9 swimmers go to Vallejo for a swim meet. The mornings were cold with the fog in, but that didn’t stop our 10 & Unders.. Hadley, Sierra, Zoe, and Cece. Hadley and Sierra just swam on Saturday and both got some best times. Zoe & Cece swam on both days with Cece breaking her team record in the 500 Free with a time of 6:14.93!
The 11 & overs got to sleep in and got a little more of the sun in the afternoon! Audrey, Ellie, Estelle, Harry, and Wes all swam in the afternoons. On Saturday, Audrey & Wes had good swims with Wes getting a best time in his 500 free. Harry competed both days and got all best times except for his 200 free, which was right on his old time. On Sunday, Estelle and Ellie joined Harry. It was Ellie’s first USA swim meet and she put on quite a show. Looked good in all her events.
Get signed up for our next meet, Mendocino Coast, located in Fort Bragg on November 17th & 18th. You can sign-up on Swim Connection…….