RESL 2019

Posted by Pacific Coast Marlins Swim Team on Jul 24 2019 at 04:26PM PDT

Our last meet of the season! And what a meet it was. We ended up with 21 swimmers throughout the 3 days of the meet.
Friday evening started out with a bang with our distance races. Ella, Zoe, Audrey, Estelle, Dashiell, Jackson, Cece, Wes, Anthony, & Hudson all swam on Friday. From 200 Breast & Free to 500 Free’s. Out of the 13 events swum that night, there was only one swim without a best time, but that time was still right one, within a ½ second. And the smallest time drop was 3 seconds…..for a 200 free, with the biggest drop of 25 seconds! It was fun to watch!
Saturday was a little busier. Ella, Zoe, Audrey, Estelle, Graham, Cece, Izzy, Caroline, Emma, Jackson, Evan, Wes, Ione, Jake, Anthony, Emerson, and Hudson were our Saturday swimmers. Ella, Estelle, Cece, Wes, & Hudson made finals in all 3 of their Saturday events. And Zoe, Audrey, Jackson, Evan, Jake, and Anthony all made finals in at least one event! Long days of racing! 67 total events on Saturday including finals. 52 of those races were best times. Many of the swimmers not only got best times in prelims, but then came back in finals to beat their time again. Doesn’t always happen that way!
Sunday saw a few new swimmers as well. Jack, Ella, Zoe, Audrey, Aidan, Estelle, Cece, Caroline, Emma, Jackson, Wes, Ione, Jake, Anthony, Emerson, and Hudson all swam on Sunday. Even Evan came back on Sunday in order to swim in a relay for us! Ella, Estelle, Cece, and Wes made finals in all 3 of their events. And Jack, Zoe, Aidan, Caroline, Jackson, Anthony, and Hudson all made finals in at least one event. 62 total events were swam on Sunday with 52 best times!!!!
Overall, there were 142 events swam over the course of the 3 days. And 117 best times. That gives the team an average of 82% best times. As I mentioned above, several people made it to finals. When you make it to finals, you score points for our team. This is the one meet where points matter! Thanks to Jack, Ella, Zoe, Audrey, Aidan, Estelle, Dashiell, JacJackson, Cece, Caroline, McJackson, Evan, Wes, Jake, Anthony, and Hudson for all scoring some points for our team to get 7th place out of 9 teams. We had three swimmers, Ella, Estelle, and Hudson be in the top 5 scorers in their age groups! And Ella broke two team records! She now holds the record for 15-16 female in 100 Breast with a 1:12.16 & 200 Breast with a 2:37.32!
Great Job Marlins!

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