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Waves February Frost

Posted by Pacific Coast Marlins Swim Team at Feb 11, 2019 3:14PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Well, our first away meet from 2019 is in the books. We had 10 strong swimmers brave the elements on Saturday and 6 on Sunday with a little better weather.
On Saturday, Jack, Zoe, Audrey, Ellie, Estelle, Cece, Ella, Aidan, and Hudson tried to stay warm between their swims. Jack tried 2 new events and took 8 seconds off his 100 Free time! Zoe had a very impressive 500 Free at the end of the meet even being as cold as she was! Audrey had a strong showing in her 3 events and took an amazing 4 seconds off her 100 Back. Ellie also was strong in her 4 events and got some best times in her 200 Free & 100 Back. Estelle looked good, but just a little off on her times. Cece had a big drop on her 100 Fly that not only was 15 seconds but managed to get the team record of 1:19.24. Ella also had strong three events but was just a little off on time. Aidan took an amazing 7 ½ seconds off his 200 Free and another 2 seconds off his 100 Breast. And Hudson took a second off his 200 free even with missing at least two walls!
Sunday was also cold, but with the sun out for most of the day, it was not as bad. Zoe, Estelle, Cece, Ella, and Hudson were joined by Wes to swim on Sunday. Zoe had another 3 great swims on Sunday and really worked on her tempo of her swims. Estelle took the day easy, but still had a good swim for her 50 Free. Cece not only got 3 best times on Sunday, but she got another team record in the 100 Breast. Ella was showing off on Sunday and had a great 200 IM and an even better 200 Breast taking off almost 5 seconds. Hudson had 3 strong events again but took off 5 seconds in his 200 Back. Wes also got all best times and looked great in all his events. The biggest 11 seconds in the 200 IM, not far behind the 6 seconds in the 100 Fly!
The team as a whole swam 47 events. 21 out of the 47 were best times. So about 45% best times. As I write it, it sounds low, but the swimming was anything but. Hopefully the next meet will have a little better weather!
Go Marlins!

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Home Meet 2-2-19

Posted by Pacific Coast Marlins Swim Team at Feb 4, 2019 1:39PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The weather held out for us to be able to swim some great swims on Saturday! I put many of our Marlins into new challenging events and everyone rose to the occasion. Even with some technical difficulties, the swimmers motivated to swim! We had a total of 21 Marlins swim 78 events!
We had 20 new swims. Ella and Sophia tried the 500 Free, Maddy tried the 200 Free, Harley tried the 100 IM, Kylie tried both 100 Free & 50 Fly, Thomas tried the 50 Fly, Kamryn tried the 25 Fly, Caroline is now 9, so tried 50’s in back & breast, Francesca tried 25 Breast & fly, Georgia tried 50’s in free back & breast, Elijah tried 100 free 50 breast & 100 IM, and Anthony tried 50 Fly. No shortage of new events!
Out of the 78 events, we had 56 best times. That is a team percentage of 72% best times! That is amazing! Everyone had at least one best time. 9 swimmers, Ella, Harley, Thomas, Kamryn, Sophia, Caroline, Francesca, Georgia, and Elijah got all best times. There were some really good swims with a lot of time drops, just too many to mention.
It was great to see the team perform so well. Now, let’s see what we can do this weekend in Napa!!!


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Pacifica - SOLO meet

Posted by Buffy Patterson at Dec 10, 2018 1:18PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The latest meet, and last meet of the Fall session, took us to beautiful Pacifica. A great indoor deep, pool that is great for racing. It was an interesting arrangement as it was a split session meet. Great for the swimmers.
Saturday AM Ellie, Audrey, and Aidan swam. We started a little slow in the morning, missing a swim and a little off on time, but ended strong. Audrey got a best time in her 200 IM, Aidan got best times in 100 Fly & 100 Free taking off a ton of time. Ellie tried the 100 Fly and 200 IM for the first time and rocked it! Saturday PM was just Zoe. But being the only swimmer didn’t stop her. She charged hard and got best times in her 50 Back, 100 Free, and 100 IM.
Sunday AM was Ella, Aidan, and Ellie. Ella’s first meet of the season and proved she hasn’t lost much, pretty much being right on her times. Aidan tried the 500 for the first time and stayed very strong. And Ellie got to try the 100 back. All great swimming. Sunday PM was the busy session with Zoe, Cece, Jackson, Massimo, and Francesca. Francesca tried the 50 back for the first time and made it look easy and took almost 3 second off her 25 free!!! Massimo was a little off, but showed some great focus and heart. Jackson stole the show with a very strong 100 IM with 2 seconds off and with even almost missing a wall 10 seconds off his 200 Free. Cece got a best time in her 50 Free and took 2 second off her 50 Fly. And Zoe showed up again and had a great 100 back with a best time.

Winter Junior Olympics

Posted by Buffy Patterson at Dec 3, 2018 1:07PM PST ( 0 Comments )

A long weekend of some great swimming. We started off on Friday night with the 500 Free. Both Cece & Estelle qualified and swam the 500. Estelle stayed strong and swam well, but came up short of her best time. But still a very good 5:38.97. Cece also stayed strong and got her best time which earned her a new team record and 3rd over all with a 6:07.69.
Saturday came the rains and the 100 Free for Estelle. She came in just short of her time again with a 59.44. But still a good swim. I definitely believe being out of the water with the smoke had an effect. Cece had a full day of 100 Free, 50 Back, and 100 IM. She managed a few best times again, a great 1:02.89 in the 100 Free (and a new team record), 34.37 in 50 Back, & 1:16.10 in 100 IM. Her times in the 100 Free & 50 Back landed her in the finals that took place in the afternoon. The rain cleared up for us for the afternoon finals and Cece came out with a 5th place in the 100 Free and 8th place in the 50 Back.
Sunday was colder, but dry and just Cece. Another full morning of 200 Free, 100 Back, and 100 Breast. As it was already a long weekend of swimming, the morning was a little off on times, but the race plan and strokes were there. And even though I don’t think she wanted to, earned a spot in the finals for her 200 Free. After the few hours rest, Cece pulled it together and swam her race of the weekend (in her coaches eyes) taking 3 seconds off, earning another team record, and taking 3rd place with a 2:16.54!